BOL Announcement

The Record Breaking Response

In 2013, BOL was announced to set a benchmark of excellence in the media industry, and received unprecedented fame even prior to its launch. Pakistan’s Biggest Marketing Campaign was launched and BOL received more than 100,000 application in a single week. This overwhelming response was unheard and as almost everyone in the media industry applied in BOL for a job. Media Veterans welcomed BOL announcement as an industry revolution.

All the top anchors had signed up with BOL Network, the largest fleet of most high tech DSNG were roaming Pakistan in Full glare. BOL‘s logo literally became the most recognized trademark of Pakistan, it was everywhere, be it a rickshaw, bus or grocery shop. Everyone was discussing BOL, people actually stopped the DSNGs of BOL to ask the launch date of channel. BOL received more than 2 Million Applications in just a month, it became the number one channel of Pakistan even before its launch.

Above 2M Job Applications

Ultra Modern DSNG Vans

Fame Prior To Its Launch

Bol on Public Transport

The Conniving Conspiracy

Overwhelming response of BOL jolted the Pakistan media industry foundations and a conspiracy was hatched against Axact by the jealous competitor of BOL. The conspiracy was put into action in 2015 when bogus and mala fide allegations such as #Axactscam #AxactFraud #AxactScandal #Axactdegree #AxactScandalCaseStudy #AxactFakeDegreeScandal #AxactCompanyScandal #AxactDegreeScandal were levelled against Axact. A disgruntled competitor was behind this conspiracy, a fact, admitted by interior minister of Pakistan in his press conference.

Actual Statement of Prosecution Witness in his cross Examination:

“Yasir had met with Mir Shakeel ur Rehman at Dubai of Geo TV Channel where after various meetings, this article was fabricated and with conspiracy it was got published against Axact Company.”

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar’s Statement

The Unheard Atrocities

The law agencies closed Axact’s Islamabad offices within 12 hours of the publication of the article, which fails to give even one credible named source or evidence. Within 48 hours, Axact’s head offices in Karachi were seized and occupied by the legal agencies. Malicious, Planned and Baseless Media Campaigns were launched against Axact targeting leadership, their family members and all employees of the organization. The Accused leadership were in jail for a period of 18 months in case where bail is granted on a mere guarantor. 15,000 people associated with Axact were affected by the said illegal crackdown on Axact which resulted in further deprivation of 150,000 people associated with the 15,000 hardworking people employed by Axact. The IT exports of Pakistan fell from USD 432 Million to merely USD 55.1 Million as per the Reports of World bank.

Karachi Office Seized

Islamabad Office Seized

Conspiracy Against Axact

Bogus Media Trial

The Unbelievable Resilience

Conniving Strategies of the Rival Media houses were rendered useless by the fighting spirit of Shoaib Shaikh, his family, axactians, bolwalas and their respective families. They stood firm against the injustice and refused to bow down against all odds. Incessant support and Prayers of his 80 years old mother resulted as the shield against all those conspiracies. Whereas famous politician and people all over the globe spoke in support of BOL.

Protest at Hotel Metropole

Imran Khan comments in favor of Axact

People Gathered at Court

Musharraf’s Statement on Axact

People Welcomed Mr. Shaikh in Court

Abdul Sattar Edhi in Favour of Axact

The Justice of Allah

Team went on to launch BOL in far grander style. BOL broke all records and became number one on the very 1st day of its launch. After this Controversy, Axact moved all of its Business operations abroad leaving only minimum presence in Pakistan. Today, sadly, axact is not largest IT exporter of Pakistan, but it is the largest IT Exporter of other countries with global Sales of USD 7 Billion. Axact is stronger than ever as a global business entity and this year it will surpass USD 13 Billion in Global Sales.

I.O Statement

I.O in his cross-examination has admitted that "Axact is a legal IT & Software company its IT enable services are legal and is working under the issued license by the competent authorities."

Axact Team meet 2017

Pakistan’s Grandest Event

BOL Launching Celebration

Families Of Axactians

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Latest News

'Bogus case' made against Axact FIA official

March 06, 2020: A senior official of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Friday testified before the Sindh High Court (SHC) that Pakistan's leading IT Company, Axact, had been framed in a bogus case as all its operations remain legal and were being carried out under the license issued by the competent authorities.

The statement was made by the FIA's Investigation office (IO) Saeed Ahmed Memon, assigned to probe allegations